Friday, October 5, 2012

Drunk Love. Prussia Lemon

You and your best friend Prussia stumbled in your house hanging on to eachother, drunk off your asses, singing "I'm Awesome" by Spose. He stopped and turned to you smirking seductively and you returned the smirk back. He crashed his lips into your as you two a passionate, sloppy drunk kiss. He forced his tongue into your mouth and both of you fought a battle for dominance that he immediately won. He explored you mouth before pulling away pinning you to the wall and licking sucking and biting your neck. You moaned softly when he found your softspot and he chuckled licking biting and sucking until it was raw. Then pulled away completely sighing, "It's sad...I don't have any of my toys with me... Guess I'll just fuck you until you can't stand..." He smirked and you smirked back wider, "I can live with that~"

He grinned and picked you up over your shoulder and walked to your bedroom tossing you onto the bed closing your door and locking it. He unbuttoned his shirt throwing it somewhere and walked over to you crawling on top of you and ripping your shirt off. You pouted because that was your favorite shirt. He just smirked and dropped it next to the bed along with your bra. He bent down and left kisses down your chest when he got to your left breast he licked your nipple and  sucked it. 

You let out moans and gasps as he did that and his hand traveled down to your skirt rubbing your upper thigh near your wet entrance. He smirked and gently bit it making you gasp loudly, he chuckled lowly and started rubbing your clit from out of your panties. You gripped his shoulder and he smirked pulling off your skirt and soaked panties sticking two fingers in making you moan and arch into his fingers. He smirked pumping them in and out while he thumbed your clit. You lt out more moans and that made him smirk deeply.   "You're so tight frau~" You moaned his name loudly as his fingers hit your g spot the ecstasy making you hear your heart beat in your ears. He smirked and pumped in harder adding his third finger. You moaned loudly and climaxed your juices on his fingers, panting slightly. He pulled his fingers out as you made another soft mewl and he licked them smirking at you. "Mm~ Your taste is definitely awesome." 

You blushed and smirked gaining some of your attitude back pulling off his pants and boxers stroking his member teasingly light. He growled getting annoyed, "Faster." When you didn't comply he pinned you to the bed thrusting his whole length into you making you moan/scream out in pleasure and some pain. He smirked and started pumping in and you of you while you bucked your hips to meet his thrusts. He went deeper and harder until he it the spot that made you see white. "R-Right there Prussia~!" You yelled digging your nails in his shoulder making him his into pain as he leaned his head down biting your neck. He pulled almost out of you then rammed back into your g-spot. You moaned scratching his back. "I-I'm c-close!" you managed to say more like a gasping whisper. He groaned and kept ramming, "M-Me too..." He bit hi lip and with one more ram you climaxed onto his throbbing member. He groaned and with a few more thrusts he cummed his hot seed deep into you he pulled out falling in the bed next to you pulling you close to him. You smiled softly and snuggled into his chest. He looked down at you and smirked nuzzling your hair, "Ich liebe dich Greenland..Five meters right?" He smirked against your head and you giggled softly. "Five meters definitely." You both fell asleep and the next day went to his house for round two.